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Sustainability and CSR

Leaders in supplier relationship management (SRM) are three times more likely to have technology in place to manage relationships, innovation and corporate social responsibility (CSR) / sustainability, i.e. delivering differentiation.

State of Flux 2014 Global SRM Research Report
See how Statess supports your CSR agenda

How does Statess support your sustainability objectives and
CSR agenda?

From supplier work conditions and safety to reduced carbon footprint, the focus on better management of the supply chain is increasing. Critical to this is clearly defining and aligning the sustainability objectives and corporate social responsibility (CSR) agenda of both the buying and supplying organisations.

Statess offers, and supports the linking of, auditing and assessment capabilities and deeper, often onsite assessment capabilities. It offers structured action planning and progress management.

The sustainability and CSR features of Statess enable you to:

  • Create and assign actions to (internal and supplier) users and monitor progress
  • Capture and monitor CSR-related risks and issues
  • Capture and communicate the business framework and CSR requirements to suppliers

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