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Relationship management

Our global research into supplier relationship management (SRM) has proven that having effective supplier management technology in place delivers significant benefits. These include information management, sharing and reporting; supplier performance improvement; a central place to manage suppliers; and supplier management oversight.

Mel Shutes, Head of SRM at State of Flux
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How does Statess help collaboration?

Statess provides a shared interface for suppliers, buyers, business partners and subject matter experts to connect, jointly share information, and manage activities and events. This enhances collaboration across functions within both the buy side and the supply side of organisations. It improves team productivity and performance.

The relationship management features of Statess enable you to:

  • Streamline compliance and auditing procedures through centralised documents and uniform data
  • See a graphical view of the relationship’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Review, manage and monitor supplier accreditations and compliance
  • Assess how ready a supplier is for SRM and what needs to be improved
  • Set up market and supplier intelligence news feeds, and push to users
  • Control supplier access to shared information, e.g. spend data and innovations
  • Assign and track actions, risks, meetings and notes

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