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Programme management

62% of respondents say the number one benefit of supplier relationship management (SRM) technology is it provides a clear, tangible focal point for the SRM programme – ‘one’ place programme management.

State of Flux 2014 Global SRM Research Report
See how Statess helps you manage key projects

How does Statess help you manage key projects in an independent yet integrated way?

For many companies, key projects need to be managed in an independent yet integrated way. Key projects can range from an overall cost reduction programme to product specification changes. Statess enables this programme management through workflows, surveys and decision trees linked to analytics and dashboards. These features guide existing users and help embed related activities, for example category management and supply base segmentation.

The programme management features of Statess enable you to:

  • Capture different types of initiatives and projects, e.g. bids and continuous improvements
  • Design workflows that enable you to follow a process and complete actions
  • Create surveys and questionnaires
  • Create decision trees which can guide users through a standard process
  • Create and assign project-related actions to (internal and supplier) users and monitor progress
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