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Performance management

We rolled out a performance framework to our suppliers, tracking suppliers’ performance across quality, cost, delivery, logistics and management. The platform facilitated the roll out of this framework bringing consistency to the way in which our programme was executed.

Postal service company
 See how Statess improves supplier performance

How does Statess help you improve supplier performance?

Supplier performance improvement is at the heart of supplier management and should link to multiple aspects, from the KPIs in the contracts through to the risk, innovation and CSR / sustainability capabilities. 

Statess automates data gathering, reporting and KPI creation. Ultimately, this reduces the administration burden so you can focus on improvement plans to address performance challenges where necessary.

Performance is reported at multiple levels to enable full visibility across suppliers, categories, regions and projects / contracts. It also provides a common basis for performance assessment.
The performance management features of Statess enable you to:

  • Compare across suppliers, scorecards, categories and regions, using a system-wide KPI library
  • Monitor supplier performance over time
  • Configure KPIs at the supplier level to reflect the specific requirements of each supplier
  • Monitor quality standards through non-conformance tracking, corrective action and preventative analysis
  • Report performance information per supplier and across suppliers or categories
  • Export performance data to MS Excel for further analysis
  • Use email reminders to ensure performance data is captured on time

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