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Innovation management

The end-to-end supplier facing innovation process is now facilitated using Statess and ensures transparent visibility of progress. The investment has delivered a return in less than six months. One of many submissions is now delivering sustainable bottom-line benefit of £84,000 per annum. The innovation tool is recognised as a true value-add tool.

See how Statess improves your innovation management

How does Statess help you manage your supplier innovation?

A clear innovation management process ensures business challenges and innovation briefs are clearly communicated to the supply bases. It ensures submitted innovations are followed up by the appropriate teams and a transparent evaluation process is in place.

Statess offers guided and open (i.e. proactive) innovation capabilities, enabling suppliers to be engaged in the identification, creation and management of innovation to meet your business challenges.

The innovation management features of Statess enable you to:

  • Describe your business approach to innovation, as well as the challenges, via a platform-wide page visible across all suppliers
  • Capture the supplier’s innovations in response to your challenges (guided innovations)
  • Capture the supplier’s open innovations and continuous improvements
  • Assess the supplier’s continuous improvements and provide feedback
  • Create and assign innovation-related actions to (internal and supplier) users and monitor progress

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