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Benefits management

More than half of respondents say one of the top 12 benefits to supplier relationship management (SRM) technology is progress in SRM can be tangibly measured at a supplier, programme and company level.

State of Flux 2014 Global SRM Research Report
See how Statess helps you manage SRM benefits

How does Statess help you manage the benefits of effective supplier management?

Financial performance and benefits management support the key objectives of the procurement team, finance and the business. Statess offers approval flows for finance and leadership reviews, as well as integration with other capabilities, overall progress reporting and audit ability. It helps you to measure financial and non-financial benefits of effective supplier management, and therefore quantify the results of good supplier management practices. Results-driven SRM drives people’s behaviours and focus on creating added value and tangible business performance.

The benefits management features of Statess enable you to:

  • Categorise the benefit type and source
  • Approve benefits by level and role
  • Report on benefits
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