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Training tailored to your business needs

The intuitive nature of the supplier management platform means training can be light and targeted for the business user, suppliers and administrators.  

A number of standard and tailored learning formats

can be used through the implementation and enablement of the software, which typically target technical and functional areas. This can be augmented through behavioural or process training when needed.

Business first

Business users and suppliers run through interactive, action-orientated training on the platform as part of the implementation and if new functionality is added after go-live. Learning is targeted based on roles and responsibilities. In addition, this can be supported by wider business awareness and communications.

super users

For super users and administrators on the supplier management platform, we aim to engage them early in the implementation and provide deeper training which is augmented through ongoing support.

Behavioural training

To compliment the technical training on the supplier management platform, State of Flux designs and delivers behavioural training in areas such as supplier performance, risk and innovation.

Functional training

The delivery of functional training to users of the supplier management platform is split into two parts, with sessions delivered to customer users (our clients) and their suppliers. With access granted to all users prior to training, sessions are delivered face to face and via online meetings where a blend of demonstration and live data entry is performed by all users attending the meeting. With in-built help guides and an intuitive user interface, users rapidly become accustom to the platform its usage.

Behavioural training

Our behavioural training expertise covers two major areas of contemporary procurement: supplier management, and category management and strategic soucing. In addition, we offer training for sales professionals.

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