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Harnessing enterprise data to improve
supplier relationship management

Our platform is a central part of your supplier management ecosystem which integrates with SAP, Oracle, JDEdwards, Peoplesoft and other major systems, as well as internal or niche solutions.

The procurement IT landscape has become more complex and it is understandable that organisations are looking to integrate the multiple solutions and tools they work with. 

State of Flux recognises the need for pulling data from different sources into a central location so users have all supplier-related information at their fingertips to inform their decision-making. We fully support your organisation in your integration project. We work closely with your internal team and / or third-party provider to ensure the integration is deployed quickly and easily, and is fully tested.

ERP Platforms

The most common integration requirement relates to data sourced from an ERP platform. ERP platforms typically include suppliers’ master lists, supplier contact details, user contact details, invoice and payment information, and suppliers’ spend information. Spend information is a particularly key metric for supplier management and frequent updates on the supplier’s spend position is extremely valuable to professionals involved in supplier management.

The most common integration is that of spend data. More often than not, spend data do not have to be updated on a daily basis but retrospectively on a monthly or less frequent basis


Niche solutions

The supplier marketplace has been proliferated with niche solutions which cover specialist areas of supplier management such as quality assessment, risk management tools, project and sourcing management tools, contract management databases, performance management and survey tools, market research and so on. 

These niche solutions have enabled organisations to leverage the in-depth capabilities they offer in their domain.


news feeds

A common challenge with market information and intelligence is filtering the ‘noise’ from the various news sources and generating relevant news about the suppliers, categories or areas of your interest. Additionally, users prefer proactive news alerts and news feeds rather than manual searches for information.

There are various websites and solutions that provide free and subscribed content on specific categories, industries, subjects and suppliers and the ability to pull relevant news articles is key to productivity and proactive supplier management.


Integration of CSR data

A multinational telecommunications company needed to integrate the supplier management platform with a third-party solution for reporting and managing corporate social responsibility data of suppliers. 

We built a live feed feature which was regularly pulling data from the third-party tool. This solution provides users of the supplier management platform the ability to act on the most recent CSR performance of their suppliers, including CSR compliance and related risks and issues. 

Partner ecosystem

We have expanded our partner ecosystem to include best-in-class providers of spend analysis, souring, P2P and sustainability / CSR.