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Implement intelligently simple solutions
for everyday use

We ensure Statess is successfully implemented and enabled for you, integrating with your existing and planned supplier management activities. 

Implementing Statess is fast and efficient. It’s easily configured to your business needs; the platform terminology is aligned with that of your business and it is branded in line with the look and feel of your organisation. While your individual platform


collects valuable supplier management data, our team work hard in the background to ensure all the functionality is ready for a quick and smooth go-live. 
We understand the challenges businesses face with the roll-out of any technology. Our distinctive approach to supporting your business during implementation is key to success, and it is broken down into four phases: direct, define, develop and deliver.

1. Direct

Throughout the implement phase there is a continual requirement to engage with the leadership team and executives involved in your supplier management activities and the Statess implementation. We will support you with this either on-site or remotely according to your needs.

Alignment and progress are achieved through a series of key communications, meetings, reporting, workshops and project management. Examples are:

  • Regular review meetings to support progress and monitor success
  • Key performance indicators (KPIs) used at gateways defined by the project charter to give an accurate depiction of programme effectiveness
  • Project and executive steering meetings


2. Define

Our team work closely with you to understand and help shape your goals. Our kick-off events enable you to engage and establish new relationships with business partners and suppliers. We will envisage what is required for the measurement of risk, performance and contractual relationships.

At the define phase we will:

  • Identify your requirements for the look, feel and language of the platform
  • Assign project success factors designed to measure and report on your programme efficiency, along with key milestones
  • Provide a demonstration of the software’s power in supporting procurement and organisation goals, and ultimately, SRM
  • Define your configuration requirements, such as performance indicators and risk metrics


3. Develop

Statess is developed to your individual requirements – information, skills and relationships. The following activities are key:

  • Set-up and configuration of the software
  • Creation of role and administration profiles 
  • Seamless collection and upload of relevant data
  • Bespoke training of end-users and administrators on services relevant to them in workshops, webinars or one-to-one sessions


4. Deliver

Deliver represents the culmination of the implementation – Statess is launched with key users both internally and externally. This phase includes the following activities:

  • Statess is moved to production environment
  • The software is launched and appropriate communications are sent
  • We provide go-live support



First hand experience

"The team worked really hard to understand the needs of our business and to structure a solution that met those needs."

"They've brought a good knowledge of the external market place to us. Also we found that they could develop as we developed and evolve as we evolved our supplier management strategy."

David Wylie, Group Procurement Director - Centrica

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I really like the look and feel of the platform. I think this will strongly assist uptake and usage by colleagues and vendors.

Professional services company

I love the flexibility of the solution to meet our different divisional needs.

Utilities company